Iraqi Police Service (IPS)

Iraqi Police Service (IPS)

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Client Iraqi Police Service (IPS)

Project Description

Brief: The Iraqi Police Service (IPS) is crucial component of national stability upon which the security of Iraq’s electoral process and economic development depends.

While polls indicate that the IPS is considered to be the most trusted government organisation, to ensure the success of the transitional stage, Iraqi’s must understand the democratic process and that they are free and “expected” to play an active role in their self-governance.

To achieve this, a professionally researched educational campaign must be launched nationally to reinforce all other communications initiatives.

Objectives: Create and execute a media advertising campaign in Iraq designed to;

  • Inform and educate the Iraqi people about the IPS
  • Encourage public involvement in community policing
  • Overcome negative perception of Police, reassure the public of their strength and professionalism
  • Build public confidence in the ability of the Iraqi interim government to provide security for national elections

Activities: Mediareach Star developed a national campaign that was launched in 3 bursts and included,

  • 3 Creative campaigns for TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor and digital
  • The media covered Iraqi national, regional and pan Arab satellite TV channels
  • Develop a PR campaign in the Iraqi media
  • The campaign was done in Arabic & Kurdish to cover Iraq diversity